So It Begins…


Solitude. What does it really mean? It is definitely not loneliness… for only those who are ignorant define it as such – who knows not about the silence that speaks… know not about the pleasure the presence of the absence presents… knows not about the peace and tranquility that this nothingness brings.

Why this blog?

It is not about sharing, although I do hope I could ignite some spark in those who read this, but it is just me talking to myself. I belief we all have our good self and our evil self. Everyday it is a battle. We see a blind man trying to cross the road, but we are late for work – make it an urgent meeting you have to attend to… will we help him? If we think there is someone else who is ‘less important’ who can help him, and of course there are so many of them all around you, allowing us to diffuse our ‘responsibility’ in a guilt-free manner, what have we chosen to do – walk away. What does that make us?

So I begin writing this, for it is not for you… but for me. I want to speak to myself. I want to break away from the cycle of daily, routine, chained life to be able to spent some quality time to allow my true self to shine through. To be a better person. To be a better soul.

So I begin this journey.

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