Where to from here?



After a long winding road, with its highs and lows, with the pristine peaceful walkways to treacherous dark forests, we come to a new path. We see the light, but we don’t know how far more for us to reach there. We may now have a smooth path ahead or we might have to fall and fail. We do not know and we will not know.

But what we do know is that we see the light. With light there is hope. Hope is what keeps us alive. Hope is what keep us breathing. Hope is what keeps us going. Hope…. that is all there is to it.

Bag full of experiences, good and bad, we keep walking towards the light now…

There is a reason.

We always look up and ask ‘why’ many times in our lives. Why me. Why this. Why now. etc. If we give it a little thought we will know why. The moments clouds our thoughts, but there is always clarity. We just need to let our thoughts settle.

There are many incidents in our lives that happen, and has to happen precisely at that moment and in that  manner to make that impact. We may think it might not be the best time or the best situation, but we are possibly wrong. It was precisely that time and for those incidents to happen to create the biggest impact.

Everything has as time, place and reason. We need to embrace it, however painful, and make ourselves better. These does not destroy us, it just injures and hurts us¬†— wounds that will disappear but the learning will stay. This is akin to how we let our kids explore more dangerous activities with us observing them from a distance. Accidents do occur but they learn… and we are just nearby to help and make sure it is controlled.

We let them fall, we land them safe.
So does the person up there.
There is a reason.