Why Again?

There are moments in our lives were ask this question – WHY AGAIN?! We should learn from our mistakes. But do we? We learn, we repent and we change for a while. We being animals of habit, sometimes we turn back slowly to what we were before — not exactly to what we were before, but a shadow version of it.

Maybe it is a memory thing — we forget what it was to be in that state again. Maybe we get bolder. Maybe we just need a stronger dosage to change ourselves. Strong dosage I say, not too heavy till we can’t get back up. We need a stronger reminder… stronger pain… stronger fear.

Why again? Because warning shots has been sent… now it is the final warning shot getting your undivided attention. Now… we will wake up fully. Once and for all. Situations like this helps us to finalise our paths – both where we want to go and where we do not want to.

Moments like this… we look up to the sky and start the conversation which has been long due. We don’t really ask why but rather to give you another chance to make things better. All we need is another chance and this time, finally, it will be very different.

Thank you.



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