How often we have talked about Fear as it was something to overcome? How many of us feel fear is a weakness? How many of us take it such that the opposite of fear is strength?

Fear is not a negative. Fear balance positiveness, to pace it, to bring out the better part of the positive. Understanding fear allows us to understand ourselves, our limits and our setbacks. Fear forces us to be better, for we fear it so much, we want to run through the other end of not fearing what we used to fear. Through of lives, we have feared many things. When we were young, we fear ghost and little green monsters. as we grow older we fear broken families, relationships, exams, competitions…. and as we move with time we fear death, and more so public speaking.

Fear does not kill, but it can give a sense of dying, so much so you wished you were dead. What is it that we fear? Fearing what was going to or not going to happen, what might or might not happen or even what may not or never happen? We don’t want it to happen so much we play it over and over in my mind causing our own fear. There are some who fear repercussions for their wrong or right actions, fear vengeance and fear punishment.

Fear is a good thing to have. It makes us what we are. How we react to this fear will make us what we will be. And it also guides us to the right path when the mistake is ours to fear.

Fear is not the opposite of courage. Fear is Fear. Accept and understand it – to be a better person.

The Path that should not be taken.

We all pursue the best in our lives. We strive to be better people, but along the way we fail to do so. We take the wrong path. Sometimes you come to your senses and quickly change the path and no harm is done – just some lessons learnt. Some other times the damage is irreversible and the healing process is a lot more painful. It is a lot more difficult to forgive or to be forgiven.

The path that should not be taken. Most if not all of us have come across this path. In a moment, we make the wrong decision. We regret it later, but the damage is already done. Sometimes we feel that it is nothing… but why do we regret it then? Sometimes we brush it aside and forget it… only to have it happen again.

We should accept. Learn and move on. The greater the mistake the greater the suffering…. The natural punishment comes into effect immediately. We need to redeem ourselves. We need to take falls and slides as humbling experiences to make us better people. The extreme of mistakes brings out the extreme of good behavious…. So the path that should not be taken, also opens up a new path seldom travelled.

If we need to beat ourselves up… let’s do that. If we need to go through the phase of suffering and depression… let’s do that. At the end of the day, we walk towards the light at the end of the tunnel and when we reach, we turn back, put a ‘no entry’ sign, close the path, and walk away, never to turn back.

Let the path that should not be taken be the path to guide us forward.