Time is limited.

Time ends. The music stops. The dance ends.
End is what defines the Beginning — the whole creation happens as a continuity as all existence has an expiry date.

Doing the same thing everyday brings us in circles; keeps us in a fixed point; keeping us comfortable — keeping us entrenched. No one really asked us to run in circles… no one forced us to. We find a spot… a nice spot, and we decided, ‘This is where I want to be; and what I want to do!’.

There are reasons for that:
‘I don’t think anyone will hire me’
‘I am not as good… as him/her…’
‘Why must I change?’
‘I have to do this for the family’
‘For the greater good’

I guess we have a lot of excuses for we are fearful of how great we can be if we so choose — choosing to be ‘less’ gives us ‘more’ room to claim success on the easiest of achievements.

Great men/women were not stamped to greatness when they were born…. they chose a path. They chose that path for various reasons, but it is that choice they will propel them to where there are and will be in future.

The end for them, for us, should be the guiding light towards the end — the spark we need as we walk towards the unknown… towards the end.

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