People are good.

I have the ‘privilege’ of regularly meeting people – both the good and the ‘bad’. With this comes the unavoidable situations where I need to witness the undesirable behavious. Who does not wish to only see the beauty of the rose and live in the ignorance that the torn does not exist? Every beautiful behaviour of one person is also accompanied by other inconsiderate and insensitive beings. So we thus form this world of both haven and hell. However… I strongly believe that everyone is good. Yes there are some outliers who will sting even when we reach out to help them. However in general we humans are made out of goodness, stained by the darkness with the passage of time. Why should we be allowed to be stained? That is something each and everyone of of us should give a thought to. We react to a situation – good or bad. The manner in which we react is what will define us and what we will make ourselves to be.

I remember a story of how a teacher asks 2 of his students – one good and the other bad – to venture out in the world to fulfil a task. The good student is tasked to find one bad person and vice versa for the bad student. At the end of a long day they came back, both empty-handed. “I could not find a single bad person”, claimed the good student. “I could not find any good person”, exclaimed the bad student.

We see in others what we see in ourselves. The others are a reflection of ourselves. We make the world the way we perceive it to be. We make believe what we believe in. We are not only made out of situations…we are better than that. There is greatness and there is goodness in each one of us. Let us not be fooled to follow the path of the devil, but believe there is goodness in all… give everyone a chance. It begins with us.

We are good. People are good.

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