Technology, our partner…

Today I installed WordPress on my iPhone – just finding suitable ways to have technology make life a little easier. It seem to be working fine so far – but there seem to be a lot of complaints about the uploading function. I will know in a while if this goes through.

A good part of my life is spent on having technology assist me. As much as many would find it intimidating… I don’t just find it a challenge to tame the furious, powerful bull, but has made this gentle giant my friend. Having had now grown together with my good friend technology, I wouldn’t say I can’t live without it, but more like we are good partners who can achieve greatness together.

Life is a wonderful journey and the technology is one amazing partner who shapes our lives. The path bringing us along the journey of life may be the same but the way we travel and the way we handle obstacles along the way can be drastically altered with technology. Treat it well and it will reciprocate.

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